Covering Grilles For Trench Convectors. Trench Heating Grilles.

Grilles of our manufacturer can be surely named a work of art. It is not only the strength and decor, as well the style and design of your space. Variety grilles for trench heaters that we offer, able to satisfy any creative direction in interior design. In our model range there are two categories of decorative convector grilles are made of:

• duralumin

• wood (oak, ash)

Covering grill for underfloor convector is a set of lamels and bushings installed alternately along its entire length. The spring mechanism is designed to connect directly to lamels and bushes directly through the holes in them, which further gives the aesthetic appearance of the design and the ease in using it. For effective warm-air by heat exchanger and entering it into the room, calculated the optimum length bushes and a cross-section of lamels of the trench heating grillswhile maintaining maximum durability. Coloring grilles in any RAL color chart is performed only certified high-quality paint products.