Trench Heating System For Wet Areas. Fan Assisted Radiators.

TRENCH HEATERS FOR WET AREAS - the category of trench heating systems «CONVECTOR-UA», intended for heating wet rooms, which may include: an indoor swimming pool next to your home, a greenhouse, etc. The main feature of these floor convector model is the presence of the drainage channel in the hull of trench heater. The essence of the water heating system is the artificial removal of condensation from the heat exchanger and the hull of the trench heater in a room with high humidity. As a result, the accumulated liquid in the inside of  the fan assisted radiator hull extends beyond the heated space. Drainage is also required to maintain all the components built into the floor convector radiators in the dry state, which in turn increases the service life of the trench heaters.

We are the only trench heating manufacturers that produces floor convectors with hulls made of fiberglass. Fiberglass is an innovative alternative to stainless steel. Fibreglass can be made in any color to match the interior of your room, and this highly durable material comes with a fifty-year guarantee from the producer. Trench heating for wet areas are working on the basis of forced convection. Fan assisted radiators you can buy here.