Low Level Radiators.

Floor-mounted radiators are an effective and at the same time easy to use the category of water heating systems, which are manufactured by «CONVECTOR-UA».

One of the main requirements of the embedded installation of the trench convector is a reserve the floor depth. How does this work in cases when it is not possible to create a niche for such a device? Decorative low level radiators are manufactured for just such situations. Floor mounted radiators - because it does not require a niche in the floor for hull, and without much effort connected anywhere in premises where there is a possibility to connect to a two-pipe water heating system. Due to the low feet (75 mm), decorative low level radiators have an attractive stylish design that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. The performance level of the floor mounted radiator is no worse than that of the trench convector. We offer floor standing radiators as standard with a metal hull and a series of design with the hull made from precious wood. Both models are installed copper-aluminum heat exchangers, the number of which can be increased to create comfortable living conditions. You can buy low level radiators here.