Wall Mounted Convector Heaters. Hydronic Radiators​.

Wall mounted radiators have unique design elements for heating, which can be connected permanently to both the central and cyclical water heating system. If you have a project not designed trench convectors in this case the wall mounted convector heater indispensable tool in addressing the issue of style and comfort! Convector-UA wall radiators can have different shapes: square, oval, rectangular and be painted in any RAL color chart. «CONVECTOR-UA» The Company produces two types of hulls: metal and wood. Any wall mounted radiator design you like - no problem! Color range and uniqueness ofhydronic radiators will emphasize your good choice. Moreover wall hydronic radiators with a copper-aluminum heat exchangers, in contrast to the cast iron, steel and aluminum heaters are uniformly warm your room thanks to the tangential fan (possibility of producing a forced convection). It is also worth remembering that all products of the company «CONVECTOR-UA» are safe to use. The materials making up the completing parts of hydronic radiators are environmentally friendly and harmless to health. And thanks to a special technology, which is designed for a copper-aluminum heat exchanger and the heater box, you never get a burn, because the surface is not heated over 43 degrees Celsius. You can buy hydronic radiators here!