Special Trench Heaters. Trench Heating Systems Are Manufactured Under Individual Orders. 

Non-standard trench heater or special trench radiators - another category of  trench water heating systems are manufactured by «CONVECTOR-UA» under individual orders. If you do not fit any of the standard options manufactured products , you can order an unique size and shape of the trench heating. Often faced with interiors where can be mounted to the floor only angular or radial trench radiators. We can offer also such as Z- and U- shaped of convector radiator. If for some reason in the calculation of the heat transfer capacity of trench heating is not enough power, or there are restrictions on the size of the trench radiator, our specialists will always help you to make the right choice! The convector radiator models presented in this category are just made for solving such problems. This may be a non-standard trench radiators that can be installed in the space of the sill (FCFN), or make the installation of the device in the steps of niche stairs (FCFP). We can also install additional heat exchangers of any sizes, in order to achieve required heat power and to increase the efficiency of the trench heating system. We can offer a completely new kind of trench heaters using the fresh air. This under floor radiators is designed to supply oxygen into the room, apartment, house. The uniqueness of the trench water heating system is the pipe that serves as for supply air. Fresh air is cleaned (is provided the air damper with the electric drive and the air filter) enters to the hull of trench heater through the heat exchanger further is supplied to the living room. As a result, you get warmed air is safe for health, free from dust, harmful impurities and odors. As you can see, we are ready to realize any creative solutions to make your life more comfortable! You can buy trench heating under order here!