FAN ASSISTED RADIATORS.  HYDRONIC HEATING SYSTEM FORCED CONVECTION - a heat transfer into the room by means of tangential fans, whereby air heating (or cooling) in the room is very fast. The main function of the model of fan assisted radiator is the possibility to heat an apartment or a house without additional heating equipment. Trench heaters with forced convection have high thermal capacity and can act as the only heating system in the house, pool, lodge, lobby, etc.

Trench hydronic radiators with a fan are effective and economical. Through room thermostat specification trench heaters can automatically search the room temperature is automatically on the basis of climate control. This eliminates weak heating and overheating of the object, greatly saving energy (gas, wood, electricity), and hence your finances. As a result, the consumption heat medium in the system is far less than ordinary radiators. You can buy fan assisted radiators here!