Trench Convector. Hydronic Heating System​. 
These trench heaters operate using natural convection. This phenomenon occurs in the circulation of air masses, in which cold air rises when heated and sinks when cooled. 

Trench Heating - Natural Convection. Convector Radiator with Natural Convection.
This process occurs continuously and independently.  Through the existing copper-aluminum heat exchanger, which has a high heat, trench convector much faster gives off heat to the room. A small amount of water provides rapid heating of the device itself.

Scope: with relatively little need for heating and can work both independently and in combination with other heating devices. A trench heater with natural convection is the ideal solution for premises with fully glazed (stained-glass) windows business centers, commercial centers, homes, showrooms with strict technical or aesthetic requirements, or anywhere where the installation of ordinary radiators is impossible due to windows with low window sills, or their absence.